Common Objections to Pre-Approvals and How to Handle Them

Payment terms/internal policies

  • We can set the due date as the last day of the payment term and you can still pay manually at any time before that. This just prevents the payment from becoming late.
  • If they don't agree to the above, they are saying "we want to be able to pay you even later than our payment term" so consider dismissing them as a client.

Who is Pinch? Can they be trusted?

  • Pinch are a fully Australian owned and operated company
  • They have over 1000 Australian merchants collecting payments every day and are rapidly expanding internationally
  • They use a range of industry best practice tools to help cover fraud and data integrity to ensure your data is kept safe and secure
  • Your data is entirely encrypted so no human eyes are ever even looking at it 
  • Pinch is as safe or safer than using an ATM or paying by card at the point of sale.

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