Connecting HubSpot to your Pinch account


The Pinch to HubSpot connection will add the following functionality:

  • Allow you to collect payment information securely from any HubSpot embeddable form
  • Sync payment details from contacts in Pinch to HubSpot based on email address
  • Push notifications to HubSpot when a payment is processed via Pinch
  • Push customer information directly into your accounting system via Pinch from a HubSpot embeddable form


To get started, first log in to your Pinch account and click on the Integrations menu. You will see an option to connect to HubSpot:

You will be taken to HubSpot to authenticate Pinch to have access to your HubSpot data. Once completed, you will be taken back to Pinch and be shown the forms in HubSpot that are compatible with Pinch to collect payment details.


Collecting payment details

By clicking on any of the forms you are taken to the form detail page where you can copy a code snippet and then paste onto your website, thus allowing you to collect payment details. Below shows an example:

Note that you can also toggle whether you would like to collect credit card data, bank account data or both.

Your account is now set up and connected to HubSpot!

HubSpot to Pinch sync

Upon initial connection, Pinch will attempt to update any contacts in HubSpot with payment information stored in Pinch. Note that Pinch uses the email address field to sync to HubSpot contacts. Information such as the next payment date, total outstanding invoices and total paid invoices are stored against a contact. Pinch creates it's own group called "Pinch Information" to ensure the details are easy to find. Shown below is an example of those properties:

You can use these properties to add to the contacts listing page or with HubSpot automation.