Does Pinch Support Multi-Currency from a Single Account?

Pinch is designed to work on a single currency bases, and only supports the core currency that your connected Accounting software has set to default.

This does not mean that international payments cannot be made, but they will always be in the currency that your account is defaulted to. 

As an example, if you are an Australian business that also sometimes raises invoice in NZD to issue to NZD clients Pinch is not currently designed to cater to this type of configuration. 

Alternative solutions to workaround this are. 

1. Set up a new Pinch account and connect this to a dedicated NZD Accounting Software. This would then configure the account to absorb NZD invoices, and transaction/deposit in NZD. 

2. Convert your NZD invoice into an AUD invoice for the appropriate converted amount and have your NZ client pay in AUD via card (International Fees would apply in this case)