First Time User Do's and Don'ts

The most important things you need to know as a first time user of Pinch.

Pinch is an amazing payments platform, but unless you are armed with knowledge you won't get the most out of Pinch.

Here is a list of do's and don'ts. Please make sure you read and understand them. If you are not confident in proceeding any further please go here and book in a guided onboarding session.

Do Do Not
Upload your verification documents quickly so we can approve you to receive settlements. Use Pinch to take a payment unless you are confident you will be approved for settlement first.
Complete the invoicing config to complete your Pinch setup. Use Pinch for taking payments on event ticket sales that are several weeks or months away.
Use the AI chatbot in the Get Help widget to figure out how to use Pinch. Use the New Customer Pre-Approval signup link for existing customers.
Email if you need assistance. Email anyone other email address other than for account setup help questions or when you run into issues.
Go through settings and make sure you have Pinch setup the way that you think will work best for you. Manually reconcile payments the way that you are used to, Pinch will now do it automatically. Please instruct your bookkeeper to book in for a training session if they are unfamiliar with how payments systems automatically reconcile.
Read the first time setup guide.  
Switch off invoice notifications in the Invoicing (or Xero) Config section if you are still going to send emails from your accounting system.  
Copy paste the invoice pay now link found under Account Settings > Getting Paid, into your invoice template, if you are a QuickBooks or MYOB user.