How do I offer plans to all of my customers when paying invoices?

So you want to offer one or multiple payment plans for customers when they go to pay an invoice, we can help you with that.

The way to set this up is using the "Break down an existing invoice" Plan, and checking the box then enables this to be an option for customers to select when they pay invoices. Key thing to note here is this can be enabled PER plan, not PER customer. 

Here is how to set this up. 

1. Plan setup (Set up a plan using the "Break Down an Existing Invoice" feature and follow your standard setup for your desire plan) 

2. Down the bottom of the plan setup page you will see the option "Allow customer to select this plan to pay off their invoices?" 

Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 11.53.03 am

3. That's it. Anyone paying an invoice will now be able to select this plan as an option to break down their invoices.