How to migrate to Pinch from another autodebit provider

If you've just come across from BPoint, GoCardless or Stripe and want to import your auto-debit tokens so that you don't have to bother a large number of customers to enrol in a new service, read on.

Migrating to Pinch

If you have a very large number of customers we can manually update your account with existing tokens provided you are able to access them. You will need to get in touch with your existing provider and request an export of all your tokens and then complete a support request with the document or a link to it attached.

Please note unless the number is over 100 it is unlikely that we will be able to do it, as it is a laborious manual process at this time. We will assess it as a request and reserve the right to decline for any reason.

Migrating Away From Pinch

If you are leaving Pinch and would like your tokens and other data a similar process to the above applies. You may request an export but it will incur a fee of $395 for this service.