One or more customers won't sync with my accounting system

Pinch has a 2 way sync with your accounting system. To explain further:

  • Contacts created in your accounting system are automatically created in Pinch
  • You can create contacts in Pinch (via a subscription invitation for example) who will automatically sync with your accounting system

Sometimes there are sync issues. The first step is to figure out which way the sync might have stopped. Here are a number of problems together with our suggested solutions. 


No contacts or invoices are syncing from my accounting system

The most likely problem here is that the sync has stopped completely.

On any page in the Pinch portal you will see a message stating the last time a sync with your accounting system happened. If you use Xero, you'll see something like "Last sync with Xero performed less than 10 minutes ago". If the message states that the last sync was over 24 hours ago there is likely a problem.

The action here is to reconnect using the "Integrations" menu and choose to refresh the link. After connecting, the sync will resume.

  1. Go to the Integrations tab on the left hand menu. 
  2. Check when the last sync with your accounting software was performed.
    Select 'Refresh Link" to re-connect the software 

My contact in the accounting system does not appear in Pinch

Contacts sync to Pinch automatically. If you use Xero or QuickBooks then it sync within a couple of minutes. If you use MYOB or DEAR then it will be every hour. You can click on the "Sync Now" button at the top right of each page, just to be sure.

If your contact still isn't appearing in Pinch, please contact Pinch support.


My new customer in Pinch does not appear in my accounting system

The most likely reason is that the customer name already exists in your accounting system. Most accounting systems enforce a unique name for each contact (for obvious reasons!). Most likely, the customer created in Pinch already exists and so we were unable to create it.

The action here is to either edit the customer or merge. You can choose which by going to the Customer and then the Sync Action Centre. 

If you choose to edit, Pinch will attempt to create the contact using the new details. If you choose to merge, any payments or subscriptions will be merged to the new contact, and that contact will be used from that point on.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you are still having problems.