Pre-Approval Settings

  1. Log into your Pinch account.

  2. Click on Config from the left menu.

  3. Click on the Pre-Approval Settings tab.

  4. You can add a URL in the Pre-Approval Terms and Conditions Link to any Terms & Conditions you might want to include for your Customers to agree to when signing up for Pre-Approval (this is optional and can be left empty). 

  5. Use the Maximum Automatic Payment Amount Threshold to control which Payments get automatically debited under Pre-Approvals.  If this is set to $0, all Payments will be debited automatically under if the Customer Pre-Approved, if you set a $ value, only Payment under that amount debited automatically.  Payments over the Maximum Automatic Payment Amount Threshold that have an Active Pre-Approval can still be debited but require you to manually Process them via the Payments page.

  6. Click on the Re-Attempt Settings tab and determine how many times and how quickly you want to re-attempt failed payments.

  7. After making any updates or changes to your Pre-Approval Settings in Pinch, click the Save Changes button.