Three Powerful Pinch Features You Should Have Been Using Already

There are three really really awesome Pinch features that way too many of our customers aren't using

Pinch is an amazing feature laden payments platform with so many features and not all of them are immediately apparent.

Ultimately Pinch is an absolute weapon when it comes to eliminating late payment in a business and these three features form something of a swiss army knife when it comes to sorting that out.

Check out this 10 minute video below. It will be the best 10 minutes you ever spent (on absorbing Pinch content).


More of a reader? Click through to Loom above and have a skim through the transcript. The summary is below, so if any of those features sound good, have a watch!

1. New customer Pre-Approval sign up link. This will allow you to easily collect customer payment details during your new client onboarding. 

2. Waive surcharging when a Pre-Approval is on. This new surcharging feature allows you to offer a fee free option to customers, but only if they let you autodebit them.

3. Invoice breakdown payment plan. Offer customers an easy way to pay off larger invoices in smaller amounts, without needing to ask.