Using Pinch to Collect Payments or Set Up Pre-Approvals for Your Customer Over the Phone or In Person

Wondering how to create a single pre-approval yourself from the admin dashboard? Wonder no more!

How to Collect a Payment From the Dashboard

  1. Go into the dashboard and click on Payments
  2. Find the invoice you want to collect a payment for and open it
  3. Click the Launch Pay Now page button
  4. Enter the payment details 
  5. Check the debit me automatically checkbox if you have permission to opt them into auto-debit (this will automatically set up a pre-approval)
  6. Click Make Payment and voila.

How to Set Up A Pre-Approval From the Dashboard

It is quite similar.

  1. Click Customers in the sidebar menu
  2. Either create a customer or find them if they are already in your system
  3. From their Customer Details page click Launch Pre-Approval Page
  4. Complete the details and hit Confirm Agreement.

That easy!