What is the Xero Config (or Invoicing Config)

This is the section where you configure exactly how Pinch works when it comes to the invoicing features of your accounting system.

This is what it looks like for a Xero user. Note that you will see multiple rows if you have multiple invoice templates.

Invoice Template: This is the name of the corresponding invoice template. You can have different Pinch configurations on different templates in Xero.

Accept Payments from Pinch: This option will make Pinch the default online payment method for invoices you send using this template.

Allow customer opt-in for auto debit?: This will enable a checkbox on the online payment page so that your customers can give you permission to automatically collect payments on invoices you send in the future.

Monitor for auto-debit?: This will ensure that if your customer has provided you permission to autodebit them (A Pre-Approval), that when Pinch detects one of these invoices, we will automatically take the payment on the due date.

Send invoice notifications: When this is selected, Pinch will send a pay now link to a customer via email when we detect an invoice. 

For QuickBooks and MYOB users you will only see the Send invoice notifications feature.

Do not forget to click NEXT to finalise it.

On here you need to select the bank account that you want us to reconcile in your accounting system. If you haven't yet, also please upload a logo. Once you're ready, hit finish and the configuration will update itself and start working.