Important Info For MYOB Users

To take advantage of the wide range of Pinch Payment features including pre-approvals and credit card payments we need your permission to send your invoices from Pinch instead of MYOB moving forward. This is not a bad thing, as we recommend our Invoice Issued Notification to all users for a couple of reasons:

  1. It allows you to send email notifications by simply marking the invoice as approved in MYOB - which can save you a lot of time (send invoices in bulk, automate the sending of them if they flow into your accounting system from a third party source)
  2. Customers can opt in to the Customer Portal feature via the Invoice Issued email

You can also add a Pinch payment link to MYOB invoices themselves which allows your customer to pay their invoices via Pinch. You can find out how to do this here. Pay now for MYOB

If you are happy to go ahead, click here and enable the invoice issued functionality. Please note that as soon as you enable it, Pinch will send a payment notification to all customers that have an approved but unpaid invoice in MYOB. If you do not want your customer to be emailed yet, unapprove the invoice before you enable this feature. 

Unfortunately if this is not something you are willing to do then Pinch is not likely to work for you. We do hope that you give it a shot though, because the benefits you gain from Pinch defimotel;y outweigh the loss of slightly changing the way you send invoices. We hope to see you soon!