Downloading Customer List as a CSV

You may have noticed the CSV download feature, this article will explain why we've added it.

The customer list CSV file contains a range of helpful data including:

  • Contact name
  • Company name
  • Email address 
  • Date created (in Pinch)
  • Updated date (date the customer file was last updated in Pinch)
  • Pre-approval status
  • Pre-approval link (the customer's specific pre-approval form link)

What can be done with this data?

  • Use Excel to find issues like duplicate contacts and remedy them all at the same time
  • Order your customer list by newest to oldest, or vice versa, to see who has been recently synced 
  • Import your Pinch file into your email marketing program to add your customer's unique pre-approval URL and create bespoke email campaigns instead of using our system generated email template

Let us know if you think of any other uses!