Payment Audit Log, and Invoice Source

This article will detail the various statuses that will be delayed in the Payment Audit Log regarding the source of a scheduled payment.

  • Other - Not currently utilized in the system but may be in the future
  • Accounting System Invoice - This means it was created from an accounting system sync that pulled in an invoice to Pinch. 
  • Accounting System Pay Now - This means someone went to the Pay Now page for an invoice from the accounting system that didn't already exist in Pinch so was pulled in to show the Pay Now page. 
  • Merchant Portal - Payment was created within the Pinch Merchant portal directly by the merchant and a "Create Payment" action
  • API generated - If the merchant has the GeneratePaymentsFromApi and payment gets created in the API (Direct API integrators built by integrators or via a non-accounting system integration like Hubspot, Zapier, Oncord, QuickB2B, etc.)
  • Subscription - Payment was created as part of a subscription (any kind of subscription, Single, Multi-payment and Breakdown plans) 
  • OnCharge - When the Oncharge Xero Subs feature generates invoices once a Bill is uploaded and completed for managing Xero platform fees
  • Reattempt - When a failed payment gets reattempted it creates a new scheduled payment to allow the system to schedule the payment in the future (Can't use the same Sch_ as this would edit the date of the original invoice) 
  • Reattempt Subscription - When a payment for a subscription fails and gets reattempted