Payment Status and Payment Source

This article will explain what each of the status mean for the various types of Payments in Pinch as well as the various source types (Where a payment came from)

Payment Status: 

Scheduled Payments: A Scheduled payment is an invoice where the date is in the future, which is either inactive or active for auto-debit (Based on if a pre-approval exists or not)  

Recent Payments: Visibility on all the invoice payments that are processing or successful. 

Failed Payments: Where all failed payment will be visible until an action is taken to resolve this, ie the payment is automatically rescheduled or a Merchant manually processes the payment again. 

Outstanding Payments: Visibility on all overdue and past dated invoices appear. 

Refunded Payments: A running ledger of all refunded payments that have occurred inside of Pinch. 

Invoices on Plans: Visibility on all invoices that have a Breakdown Payment plan assigned to them. 

Payment Source: 

Pinch Auto-Debit: A payment that has been processed automatically by the Pinch system due to a client being on an unlimited pre-approval. 

Pinch API - Auto-Debit: A payment that has been triggered automatically via a pre-approval from a system that is connected to our API (The API has received a payment from an external source) 

Pinch Plans and Subscriptions: A payment that has automatically debited due to being part of a plan or subscription 

Pinch Pay Now - Customer Initiated: A client has payed via either accounting system Pay Now option that links to Pinch, or from an invoice issued email sent to the client form Pinch. 

Pinch Batched - Merchant Initiated: A Merchant has batched multiple invoices together for payment via clients stored payment method (Pre-approval active) 

Pinch Batched - Customer Initiated: A Customer has batched multiple invoices together for payment via the Pay Now page. 

Pinch Customer Portal - Pay Now: A customer has payed an single invoice from the Pinch Customer Portal using a save payment method (Not a pre-approval) 

Pinch Customer Portal - Auto-Debit: A customer has pre-authorised a payment using a stored payment method that was automatically debited on the due date of the invoice from the Customer Portal.