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Refunding a Payment in Pinch

STEP 1: Requesting the Refund in Pinch

  1. Log into your Pinch account.


  2. Click on Payments from the left menu.

  3. Click on the Recent Payments tab.

  4. Click on the Invoice link for the Payment you want to refund.

  5. Click the Request Refund button.

  6. Enter the amount you would like to refund (either the full amount or a partial amount).

  7. Click Confirm

  8. A confirmation message confirming that the Refund has been requested.

  9. The Payment will then sit under the Refunded Payments tab in the Payments page of Pinch.

  10. The Refund will show a Status of In Progress and a Completed date of Not Complete.

STEP 2: Pinch completes the Refund Request

  1. Pinch will action the Refund Request and reverse the Payment back to whatever Payment Instrument was used for the original transaction.  Payments already Settled to you will be debited back first, if the Payment has not yet been Settled to you, no recovery debit will take place.

  2. Once the Refund has been been successfully completed by Pinch, the Status of the Refund will change to Completed and the Completed date will change to reflect the date that Pinch processed the reversal to your customer.

    IMPORTANT: It may still take several business days for your customer to receive their funds even once the Refund is reflected as Complete in Pinch.  This is based on the current location of the funds, and what payment method was used for the original transaction.