Why is my invoice not appearing in Pinch?

Here are some possibly reasons for why an invoice is not appearing in your Pinch account and the ways to check sanity check these first before raising a support ticket.


  1. Your accounting software has disconnected from Pinch, go into Integrations and "refresh link" which will restore a connection. 

  2. The invoices are in a "Draft" state (not "Published") Pinch only syncs published invoices. 

  3. You might be expecting the invoice to appear in one area of Pinch and it's somewhere else. And example of this could be a failed payment disappearing from that location to the "recently paid" if it's since been successful, or a "scheduled invoice" moving to "outstanding" once the due date is passed.

  4. The invoice has already been marked as paid in your accounting software prior to Pinch attempting to sync this into Pinch. 

  5. The invoice has been created in a currency that is not supported, or differs from the "default" accounting software currency. IE, Australian Xero file issuing a USD invoice won't appear in Pinch, only matching currency invoices. 

  6. The invoice was raised against a customer record that has since been merged into another contact prior to the sync with Pinch (This is only the case in niche scenarios based on the timing of your setup and creating of invoices and is caused by a creation Id being associated against the now archived record in your accounting software) 

  7. The invoice has been raised against a different customer record. Determine the expected record for the invoice and follow this through into you account software. 

  8. The customer record data conflict associated to "New Customer Signup Link" being incorrectly used. You can identify if this is happening if a a payment associated to a plan has the plan name instead of an invoice number against it after its been payed (Meaning it's gone un-synced) Can be resolved by merging customer records together and informing Pinch Support to trigger a sync. 

  9. The customer has been archived in your accounting software which Pinch has no endpoint to mirror this change. You would need to unarchive the account software record for the invoice to flow into Pinch. 

  10. The Customer has been disabled in Pinch. (You can re-enable the customer which will reschedule any of the payments the system has historically stored which may also require canceling) 

    Inversely an invoice might have been created from Pinch (Usually done via the Plans and Subs feature) and is not appear in your account software. This is most commonly caused by the sync between Pinch and your Accounting system to be disconnected. 

If the above answer doesn't satisfy, please raise a support ticket